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Mother, Teacher, Advocate: Answering Questions about Autism


Join in and listen to an amazing conversation between Kristin and Gina Mitchell, the mother of Sam Mitchell who is the host of Autism Rocks and Rolls. Kristin and Gina discuss the various differences between raising a child who is on the spectrum, while at the same time appreciating all the wonderful things that come from those same differences. Gina’s history as a teacher has given her an upper hand when dealing with the red tape that comes from having a child on the spectrum at times. At the same time, it’s also allowed her to become Sam’s biggest advocate. Here she shares what she is an expert in…their own personal story.

Gina Mitchell is Sam Mitchell’s mom. Sam Mitchell is the creator and host of the podcast Autism Rocks and Rolls and the CEO of the Non-Profit Autism Rocks and Rolls. Gina has been Sam’s #1 fan well, really since birth, but especially since Sam has spread his wings and shown the world what he’s got. She is currently a teacher of 8th-grade students and has a bachelor’s degree in English/Social Studies Education, a Master’s degree in Education, and a Gifted and Talented Education degree. Gina has been a teacher for 17-years and still is. However, her second job is working at Autism Rocks and Rolls with Sam. Here, she works in marketing, networking, writing, editing, producing, and really, just doing a lot behind the scenes. When Sam’s life mission became helping others, it became hers too. Her favorite pastimes are listening to crime and detective podcasts, music and crazy dancing with her family and students, leisurely swimming, reading books, building Websites, traveling, meeting new people, playing with her dogs, and shopping for bargains.

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