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Moving Forward During Times of Chaos and Change – TPS474


Because there are so many changes happening around the world, everything is feeling somewhat chaotic. Businesses and individuals have to flow with the changes to maintain or improve. In this episode, I make some suggestions for dealing with the changes and the chaos.


People who are good at change at adaptation will do best in today’s environment.
In certain areas, like real estate, people are doing very well. In other areas not so much.
It appears that individuals are not as willing to invest in things like coaching and consulting because of the brain warning against uncertain outcomes.
Be aware that things are changing and that business may be less robust because of this and not because you’re doing something wrong.
It may be advantageous to you to start looking at different ways to do things that you’ve been doing before.
People are craving connection and you may have to reach out to people, some of whom you’ve lost contact with, to get beyond the feeling of being disconnected.
Feeling connected is a key to doing well in business.
When you can get beyond fear and worry that’s when you can experience conscious synchronicity and what you need will show up.
So many things keep changing and you need to adapt your business to the changes to make sure you’re providing people with what they want and need.
If you’re stuck in worry, it’s difficult to allow creativity to happen.
Whenever you worry, that’s just the story you’re making up.
Meditation can get you in touch with a quiet place inside of you where you can begin to understand what to do next.
We are not meant to do things alone. We need other people.
Reach out to others and ask what their experience has been during these times.
The chaos is creating nervousness for a lot of people.

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