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MyGenetx, Releases Scholarly Article In Future Medicine Ltd Discussing Sleeps Critical Role In Overall Health And Wellness

Asheville, North Carolina- February 6, 2018
Mental Health News Radio is proud to announce that MyGenetx, one of their sponsors, has published a scholarly article in Future Medicine Ltd. The article discusses the importance of sleep in maintaining overall neural and physical health. “The Enigma of Sleep” touches on several facets of sleep’s function. Although sleep has been the topic of research for over 70 years, it remains somewhat of a mystery to scientists. The medical community does know that sleep disorders affect neurological disorders and their coinciding symptoms in a negative way. There is still debate over the exact functional role sleep plays in one’s health, but on a general note, most agree that sleep is a necessity. Sleep studies have shown that lack of sleep decreases cognition, affects normal metabolism and immune response, and increases the likelihood of dementia. MyGenetx’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Dave Vigerust, wrote “The Enigma of Sleep” to highlight some of the elements that are indicative of function of sleep.

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