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Narcissistic Parental Alienation



I hear from mothers and fathers of children who have been alienated by a narcissistic parent. The psychological and emotional damage perpetrated by the narcissist is overwhelming, gut wrenching and unbearable. 

In many instances the narcissistic parent has been plotting and planning how they will turn the children against the other spouse.  They not only want revenge but the children are valuable narcissistic supplies to the ego inflated narcissistic parent. 

The perpetrators of these severe emotional and psychological cruelties spread ugly rumors about the victim parent’s reputation and character. Mountains of lies spread throughout the social and at times professional network of the parent victim. The prent can become very isolated from his/her social and business network of friends and business associates. This podcast refers to male and female narcissists. 

The narcissist during the divorce phases steps up his game and plays the ultimate hard ball strategy with the most aggressive,  ruthless attorneys. 

Your Strategy:

Create a plan of action on several fronts. Organize a team of support: legal, trusted friends and family members, counseling if you make this decision. 

Practice consistent self care: exercise your way, sleep, rest, quality  nutrition, hydration, spiritual practices as you define them: restorative yoga, mindfulness, listening to calming, beautiful music, unedited spontaneous writing to express your feelings, thoughts and inspirations, taking time with Nature. 

Keep faith with yourself and know that you are an individual of very fine character, that you have great courage, intelligence, insight and unique creative gifts. 

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