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Navigating The World of Addiction: Poverty Consciousness with Author Kevin Cullis

Author and businessman Kevin Cullis joins us LIVE from Navigating the World of Addiction in Littleton Colorado. We discuss his theory on having a poverty mindset and how to change your thinking about prosperity. His books can be found on Amazon here.

Kevin Cullis is a former USAF officer, currently a business geek and an entrepreneur. He has his Masters Degree in Administration as well as 12 years of face-to-face experience selling both Macs and PCs to businesses. He loves helping entrepreneurs, startups, and small business owners integrate, utilize, and optimize their marketing, sales, and business management processes to be profitable. The combination of both a business and a computer process perspectives makes him unique in saving and making money, especially when using a Mac. “How to Start a Business: Mac Version” is his first book.

His second book, “HWJDB How Would Jesus Do Business?: Bible Secrets for Startups and Entrepreneurs” came about while discussing business with former Navy SEAL SOC Jimmy Graham. Did you know that in the parable of the talents a talent was up to 200 LBS OF GOLD? At 75 lbs one talent is worth in todays dollars $1.44 MILLION. One slave got over $7 MILLION to work with. Di you also know that 85% of the parable Jesus spoke were business topics? HWJDB goes into some details on how moral businesses should be.

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