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Navy SEAL Training Set the Tone for His Success with Marty Strong – TPS465


My guest today is author and CEO, Marty Strong. Marty spent twenty years in the Navy’s elite SEAL Teams learning effective leadership skills and mastering the art of turning vision into actionable strategy. After his service, he spent seven years as a financial advisor and portfolio manager with UBS before moving on to become a C-Suite executive. Marty’s new book, Be Nimble, is set for release in Fall 2021.


Marty shares how he decided to become a Navy SEAL and what’s behind the people who don’t make it through the training.
We talk about the 80-20 rule regarding success with the SEALs and for entrepreneurs.
You can teach tenacity, but you have to know how to teach it.
Being exposed to risk-taking as a child helps prepare you for being an entrepreneur.
Serial entrepreneurs often use failures as a strengthening exercise.
I asked Marty what drove him to be in the financial industry. It wasn’t planned.
Marty has the ability to go with the flow of life and not resist change.
Marty was not afraid of failure and over time, became a good problem solver.
Because of his family background, at an early age, Marty realized that he had to learn how to take care of himself.
We discussed whether qualities of strength and resilience are inborn and the person.
There are different ways of handling different forms of failure. Marty often looks at seeming failure as an opportunity to make changes.
When he was writing his book, Be Nimble, Marty asked himself the question, “Why am I the person to write this book?”
We talk about how people react to financial issues, including up and down income.
Most things in our evolution aren’t linear. There are always ups and downs. Marty tells how the lives of presidents Grant and Truman illustrate this principle.
I asked Marty if he was born with the name Strong. He was.


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