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Navy Yard Shooting Survivor Sherrie Lawson: PTSD and Therapy

Sherrie bravely spends an hour with me talking about PTSD, therapy and resilience. Sherrie continued to look for professional support despite setbacks with the clinicians she encountered along the way. This is a must listen for clinicians to hear what worked and what did not and for survivors who are still searching for the right help.

Sherrie Lawson survived the Washington Navy Yard shooting that occurred on September 16, 2013. Through her healing journey she became passionate about supporting others that also suffer from the “invisible wounds’ of trauma. She joined The Rebels Project as a member in 2014 and began working with TRP in an official capacity in 2016. After spending 15 years in Washington, DC and returning home to her native NC for two years she relocated to Denver, Colorado to become even more involved in the TRP mission of providing support for survivors of mass tragedy. Sherrie currently volunteers as Director of Operations for TRP. In addition to her work with TRP she lectures at the University of Colorado-Denver and a is SoulCollage(R) Facilitator.

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