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New Mental Health News Radio Network podcast host promotes a survivor and community led approach to suicide prevention.

“Survival is a daily choice”, says Mental Health News Radio Network podcast UNNI host Bianca D. McCall, a world-renowned Subject Matter Expert in the Epidemiology of Suicidal Behaviour.

In addition to her professional expertise McCall draws on her lived experience as a suicide survivor to host the UNNI podcast. UNNI stands for unity on a global scale; connectivity, compassion, deconstructing stigmatic language; to change the way we define, and defend against suicide in all communities.

The UNNI podcast evolved from McCall’s work with Desert Rose Counseling Group, a suicide prevention and postvention specialty, integrated healthcare clinic, which she founded in 2011.

She said, “The podcast space allows for me to connect with communities, as a survivor FIRST and foremost. I find the messaging to be more impactful and more real, than if I were to set the tone with; I am a licensed clinician with degrees, letters, and professional experience, and therefore I AM the expert- you should listen to me. No. The UNNI Podcast was created to invite survivors from all over the world, to join me in a leadership capacity; to initiate conversations about their lived experiences with suicide, with intentions to relate to others in their own processes of healing and storytelling; and be relatable, so that others experiencing suicidality will be empowered with hope and a sense of purpose- to continue surviving”.

UNNI podcast offers a common ground where survivors can find fellowship and build in a safe and supportive virtual community. Survivors are encouraged to be purposeful in inspiring hope, and connecting resources for others experiencing suicidality.

It is aimed at marginalised communities whom otherwise, do not have an amplified voice to represent their uniqueness; and their culture identification.

The UNNI Podcast releases new episodes Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Each episode is an organic conversation between host, Bianca McCall and the elites UNNI Survivor Guestlist.

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