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New Mental Health News Radio Network series The Feeling Life explores life beyond our addiction to acquisition

Mental Health News Radio Network is proud to announce its new series “The Feeling Life,” now available as part of the Mental Health News Radio podcast.

“The Feeling Life” is hosted by author, clinical social worker and psychoanalyst David Klugman. The series brings guidance and information from Klugman’s book of the same name to a new audience.

The first in a trilogy (“The Feeling Life: Reclaiming Your Emotional Vitality and Purpose, Wanting and Having, Thoughtforms”), the book — and now the podcast series — guides people to connect to the deeper, more soulful parts of themselves beyond the merely material; according to Klugman, the urge to achieve and acquire hides a richer emotional landscape that holds the key to a more fulfilling life. Desire for material success, he suggests, often masks a yearning for the emotions associated with these gains.

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