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NEW to MHNR Network!!  Safe Haven Space: Focusing on the Mental Health & Well-Being of Refugee & Immigrant Students, Families, and Communities


Safe Haven Space, a podcast hosted by Egette Indelele, dedicated to learning through the stories of refugees and immigrants, amplifying their voices so that we may work to create a global community that is a Safe Haven Space.

“It’s really important that we hear directly from the source, that we ask and listen to their stories, their experiences, and how they would like to be supported, and the things they’d like to see.  It’s imperative that we center them and learn from them.” – Egette Indelele 

Egette Indelele, CEO & Founder of the non-profit organization, Safe Haven Space brings her personal experiences as a refugee, her professional experiences as a registered behavioral technician together with the stories of other refugees and immigrants to provide a safe place to discuss how to help the mental health and mental wellness within this often ignored community.  Many having had to deal with true hardships and loss before even arriving, combined with the struggles of a new life of transition and immense change when simply surviving is often the first priority, must now learn how to flourish.  Within this population, many have little understanding regarding mental health and mental well-being, and Safe Haven Space aims to help.

Safe Haven Space aims to not only provide a stage for those struggling to share their stories, but also for those listening, a place to feel a little less alone. Egette is also utilizing it as a platform to learn how to better serve the refugee and immigrant community.  As Safe Haven Space began their journey into podcasting their aim was not only to provide help to listeners in their episodes but to also use it as a place to learn, as an organization, how to better present effective interventions for those that they help through their organization.


About Mental Health News Radio Network

Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 90 podcasts dedicated to all aspects of mental health. It is the world’s first and largest podcast network dedicated to all things mental health. Its Speakers’ Bureau and filmed series such as Mixed Nuts: Comedians and Mental Health allow it to further its mission to reach as many people in as many places as possible to encourage dialogue about mental health.

About Egette Indelele, Founder & CEO of Safe Haven Space

Egette Indelele was born and raised in a refugee camp in Tanzania. She is the oldest of five children and a first-generation honor college student at George Mason University. She is studying Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive and Behavior Neuroscience in hopes of opening her own practice in Burundi and emphasizing the importance of mental health while serving children with the hope of healing their traumatic life events. Egette’s work with Safe Haven was inspired by her experience as a refugee. She founded Safe Haven to help refugee students resettle in a new world while having access to mental health services. With a passion to help children, she became the President of a UNICEF club at George Mason University. The club gave her the opportunity to advocate for children’s rights and educate her university community on the importance of helping the younger generation. She extended her passion and is now serving on the United Nation International Children Emergency Funds USA National Council. She also manages a program where members and volunteers mentor and tutor elementary-aged children at a local community center that serves refugees transitioning to life in America.

About Safe Haven Space

Safe Haven Space is an organization centered around educating and providing programs for immigrant and refugee students and families on the importance of well-being and mental health as well as providing mental health services to assist students in becoming self-confident so they can integrate into American society successfully. They help students, parents, and families learn about mental health with hopes of breaking the stigma and creating a support base. By educating students as well as parents about mental health Safe Haven Space hopes to lessen the stigma around mental health and create a sense of support for students and families. They do this by teaching students what psychological well-being looks like, the different ways it can affect the human body, and the consequences when young people do not get the mental health care they need. They work with students’ families to break the stigma that is commonly held in immigrant and refugee households, encouraging unity within the family by offering them ways to practice and incorporate a variety of psychological fitness exercises.

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