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NEW to MHNR Network: The Funky Brain Podcast Hosted by Dennis Berry Guiding You Toward a Better, Sober Life!

Using the ancient proverb, “When is the best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. When is the second-best time to plant a tree? Today.” Dennis Berry and The Funky Brain Podcast is here to help show that no matter how far into the abyss you appear to be, there is always a way out.

“It’s about growing up. Looking the world in the eye. Facing all of the challenges that life throws at you head-on. There is always a solution and as long as you’re sober, you have a chance to tackle any problem at any given time.” – Dennis Berry

Dennis came to podcasting as a way to provide information and help to more people and take his life coaching to the next level. Dennis brings with him 18 years of sobriety and an overall entertaining way of approaching life, addiction, and mental health. He is able to gain insight from speaking to people from all walks of life and around the world to not only help his listeners but also use what he learns and apply it within his business as well.

Dennis looks for engaging guests of all types, from professional athletes and Emmy award-winning entertainers to mental health professionals, in order to provide unique, inspiring, and motivational stories for his listeners. Dennis helps his listeners understand that there ARE solutions if you keep an open mind and learn to ask for help. He provides episodes to help with all aspects of life: mental health, addiction, relationships, life mastery, and financial problems to name a few.

Having lived an exciting and decadent lifestyle in his younger years, the ‘fun’ and ‘excitement’ eventually led to pain and suffering. After 15 years of substance abuse, Dennis reached that point he says is referred to as “the gift of desperation,” when he was finally in enough pain to listen to others and begin to make some changes in his life. He was not only financially bankrupt, but physically, emotionally, and spiritually bankrupt as well. He had hit rock bottom. He spent 30 days in a Colorado rehab facility, learning to understand addiction and about the types of solutions needed to make true change and get his life back on the right path.

Dennis realized early on that sobriety requires changes in all areas of life, and began changing his friends, diet, hangouts, and interests. Some changes were made immediately, some over a period of time, and some changed without the conscious decision to do so. Dennis points out that the longer you stay sober, the more life will unfold for you. Since becoming sober, he’s become an athlete, family man, author, public speaker, business owner, and mentor to thousands of people, something he would have never thought possible.

About Mental Health News Radio Network
Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 90 podcasts dedicated to all aspects of mental health. It is the world’s first and largest podcast network dedicated to all things mental health. Its Speakers’ Bureau and filmed series such as Mixed Nuts: Comedians and Mental Health allow it to further its mission to reach as many people in as many places as possible to encourage dialogue about mental health.

About Dennis Berry
Dennis Berry is a Master Life Coach and has been working with people worldwide for over 15 years. His expertise is in Life Mastery. He has been sober since April 8, 2003. His journey in recovery helped him find his mission in life, which is to help others achieve inner peace and success, and master every area of their lives. Dennis knows what it is like to be helpless and hopeless with no positive direction. He was able to climb out of the gutter and transform his life and he spends his life helping others do the same.

Utilizing both his Life Coaching business and The Funky Brain Podcast to provide a well balanced and informative path to help listeners via his podcast, and he’s able to take it to the next level, for those that need more one on one help. If you’re having difficulty trying to figure it out, please reach out to Dennis and he will share his own experiences, his strength, and his hope with you. You can do it all as well!


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