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What is Domino Effect of Murder?

What’s the backstory of murder after the police leave, the headlines read and news footage viewed? What is the personal fallout on first responders, witnesses, coworkers and family members years and decades later? Honest, detailed true accounts and comments by those who traveled the path are shared – such as a blind artist whose actions led to the capture and conviction of a serial murderer a continent away. We’ll also meet a professional journalist who lost his son to vehicular homicide, only to be followed by the suicide of his wife for which he became a suspect. Learn about the Boston Marathon Bombing from an injured participant and how an aunt still grieves over the homicide of her two-year-old niece at the hands of the 6’6″ killer. Did you know the average life expectancy of someone controlled through sex trafficking is only six years and most families wait in vain for their children to return? There are so many more victims than the one taken to the morgue. Yet there is hope. Post Traumatic Growth does happen. (This podcast is published twice-monthly on Wednesdays January – October.) Disclaimer: The views, opinions and endorsements expressed in each podcast episode are those of the host and guests, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Mental Health News Radio Network.


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