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  Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery



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Meet Our Co-Hosts

Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown is an award-winning editor and writer who focuses on the arts, parenting, and health and wellness. She co-edited Hope for Recovery: Stories of Healing from Eating Disorders and is currently writing a book on body acceptance. Catherine also works with scholars and businesses to help them develop and refine content.
Francis Iacobucci

Francis Iacobucci

Prior to joining the ranks of licensed social workers, Francis worked under President Barack Obama in the United States Department of the Interior and the United States Department of Energy, as a political appointee in the Office of the Secretary. Upon departing Washington, D.C. in 2017, Francis enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice where he received a Masters in Social Work. His work as a social worker and psychotherapist focuses on treating and advocating for individuals struggling with disordered eating, body image, eating and feeding disorders, and associated mental health challenges.

What is Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery ?

Co-hosts Francis Iacobucci (he/him/his) and Catherine Brown (she/her/hers) explore the complexities and profound impacts of eating disorders. With insights from individuals in recovery, mental health professionals, and family members, Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery helps break the stigma surrounding eating disorders and provides a platform for engagement and connection. The recovery journey is not linear; whether you have struggled with disordered eating for days or years, we are here to help along the way. Disclaimer: The views, opinions and endorsements expressed in each podcast episode are those of the host and guests, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Mental Health News Radio Network.


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