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Bonus- I’m going to vent

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Bonus: today in the life.

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13- sorry- why is it said so much?

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Bonus: Planning for the new year!

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7- why are some days so hard?

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3- What is C-PTSD?

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1- Welcome and Hello

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What is Finding Shannon?

Finding Shannon documents the Journey of a former overachiever who developed a long lasting mental health illness: Complex-PTSD. Shannon was a criminal defense attorney in a dangerous city, all the while juggling a young family and life when her brain went into survival mode. In August of 2018, she realized that something was terribly wrong, anxiety, depression, and disassociation: enter C-PTSD. You will hear stories, tips, failures, and dark moments, all while learning to thrive with a Mental Health Illnesses. Disclaimer: The views, opinions and endorsements expressed in each podcast episode are those of the host and guests, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Mental Health News Radio Network.


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    9 E Loockerman St.
    Suite 202-730
    Dover, DE 19901

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    P.O.BOX 1179
    Goochland, VA 23063

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