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What is The Paul David Effect?

Paul David Effect is an Idea, a train of thought, a way of living and operating your everyday lives. I have drawn my conclusions and ideas from experiences in life, my life events especially. My Tragedies have given me the highest educational degree in creating a better version of you. I believe in having a plan and a way of thinking that can help you become your own entrepreneur, if it’s business, fitness, family or relationships, applying PDE methods will help you be a better you. I want people to be a part of the PDE, because the purpose of it is to be spread to everyone else that can use it. Because of the hardship and tragedies I have overcome, In a subconscious way I have developed a way to cope with all the obstacles that life can present to you, and most important have created a method to take out the word QUIT out of the equation completely. It’s very difficult to explain what I do or what the PDE is, people seem to grasp the idea more firmly when they spend time listening to my madness, once you give time to listen then you will understand the train of thought behind the PDE. Disclaimer: The views, opinions and endorsements expressed in each podcast episode are those of the host and guests, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Mental Health News Radio Network.


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    9 E Loockerman St, Ste 202
    Dover, DE 19901

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    9 E Loockerman St, Ste 202
    Dover, DE 19901

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