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Dr. Donna Marks: Exit The Maze

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What is The Rehab?

The show is about overcoming drug addiction. The topics range from medical treatment to spiritual fellowships and psychotherapy. Other forms of therapy will be explored as well. The underlying theme is that everyone is different and we cannot apply a single method of treatment to all people and expect it to work. Listening carefully to what works and does not work for an individual, treating people with respect and understanding that behaviors caused by addiction are the result of a medical condition are important. Patients presenting for treatment of addiction should be addressed with caring, compassion and understanding. Disclaimer: The views, opinions and endorsements expressed in each podcast episode are those of the host and guests, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Mental Health News Radio Network.


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  • These Things Happen: A Journey of Addiction, Recovery, Acceptance, and Surrender.

    In the throes of addiction, it’s difficult to imagine a way out, let alone a path to personal revelation. Michael Eon, however, is an exemplary figure who has managed to transform his battle with alcoholism and addiction into a compelling narrative that offers hope and inspiration to countless others. A recovering alcoholic and addict, Michael’s […]

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  • Dr. Steven Reichbach Discusses Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Suicidality

    Ketamine infusion therapy may be able to help eliminate suicidal thoughts. Did you know that ketamine infusion therapy is used as a suicidal ideation treatment? IV ketamine is currently used for treatment resistant depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, chronic pain, and suicidality. In my discussion with Dr. Steven Reichbach, we talked about a significant case in […]

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  • Sobriety Vs Recovery: What is the Difference Between Recovery and Sobriety?

    What is the difference between sobriety and recovery? If you research this topic on various rehab websites, you will find answers about sobriety being physically free from alcohol and drugs. A sober person, by this definition, has no fear of being pulled over for DUI or being subject to a random urine drug screen. Any […]

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