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Pelvic Health & Beyond (not just "pee, poo, & sex")

10 Keys to Happiness!

Creativity & Nature as Medicine

Dr. Brooke's Birthday Reflections

How To Find Your Sizzle!

'Tis the Season for Setting Boundaries

The Relationship Whisperer

Together We Recover

AWESOME Self-Care and Retreats!

Mindfulness, Mental Health, and Stress...Oh My!

Cleanses, Emotional Eating, and More!

"Big T" and "Little T" Trauma

What's Your Period Telling You?

Strong Body, Strong Voice

Life is Precarious

Grief and Loss in the Time of COVID

Welcome to Women Strong!

Check Out Women Strong, the E-Book!

Check out the e-book available now on Amazon!

“Women Strong is an online women’s wellness program created by Dr. Brooke Schneider and Dr. Nicole Lewis. Women Strong provides health education for a community of women who support one another along their wellness journeys.The Women Strong curriculum covers the foundations of health through written lessons and live interviews with female experts. Women Strong is all about empowerment, connection, and education! This book is based upon the Women Strong curriculum, including all of our daily challenges! Each chapter provides easy to comprehend and implement lessons and exercises covering the following health topics: nutrition, physical health, self-care, movement, stress management, mental health and emotional healthThe daily challenges that follow each lesson help readers form new healthy habits and lasting results! Welcome to the Women Strong community!”

What is Women Strong?

The Women Strong Podcast, hosted by Dr. Brooke Schneider and Dr. Nicole Lewis, is a collection of interviews with female wellness experts covering the following foundations of health: Mindset, Nutrition, Physical Health, Self-care, Exercise/Movement, Stress Management and Mental/Emotional Health.


The views, opinions and endorsements expressed in each podcast episode are those of the host and guests, and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Mental Health News Radio Network.


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