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Pets and Autism


This episode has some technical issues you will notice. This is because we were having connectivity issues.


In this Episode of Inside the Aspergers Studio. I talk with Vet Cliff Redford. We talk about everything from his adventures as a voluntreer vet as he travled the world to getting advice on taking care of pets to what pet is perfect to someone on the spectrum.  I ask him has he always wanted to work animals to was he raised with animals to the ups and downs of caring for animals.

I also found out that he has a a Youtube and Podcast of his own which you can just out below:

Dr Cliff Podcast

Dr Cliff Worldwide Vet

ADHD, ASD, Asperger's, autism, life skills, mental health, mental wellness, motivation, neurodiverse, Neurodiversity, On the Spectrum, self-care


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