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Police Officer To First Responder Clinician: James McLintock


Positive Connections Radio:
E-57: James McLintock LMFT
Police Officer to First Responder Clinician
James always had the passion to be in service to those in need. Early on he became a lifeguard, EMT, and then a Police Officer for the City of Anaheim throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s. In the time post-911 he noticed several of his police teammates coming back from battle and how the negative impacts of war had on his friends. Many were suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, trauma, suicidal thoughts, addictions to pain medications and alcohol abuse.
His coworkers were encouraged to get help and attend counseling sessions, however many would not because they feared that the therapists did not have familiarity with working with First Responders and could not really relate to them.
James decided that he would better serve others by becoming a therapist so he would have more credibility than just earning a degree in counseling. James retired as a police officer and went back to school and earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.
Since 2008 James McLintock has been the go-to clinician for First Responders in San Diego, Ca.

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