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Post Traumatic Growth: Global Healing-Not Shaming & Calling Narcissism Out!


Thanks to Bree Bonchay, LCSW for calling June 1st the date of World Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day. It was important for our host, Kristin Walker, to interview the friends that brought this awareness to Mental Health News Radio: Andrea Schneider and Christine Louis de Canonville. We’ve shared this walk for many years before we knew each other and then together the past 3 years. A whole lot of healing has gone on for each of us and for listeners of our shows. 

Please visit Christine’s website here for more information about her and her work.

Please visit Andrea’s website here for more information about her and her work. 

Join us as we talk about what this day means for us, our friendship, and the thousands of people that have reached out for help upon finding our writing, hearing a podcast, being a part of a training session, or bumping into us on the street!



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