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Pouting Narcissistic Partners

SO annoying! You want to be in relationship with a grown-up and the petulant child keeps showing up instead. Today, I’m diving into what’s behind their self-centered world views and warped emotional growth patterns. Better yet, I’ll share at least 6 things you can take action on to empower yourself! #Hijackals®, my term for the relentlessly difficult people who hijack relationships for their own purposes and then scavenge them for power, status, and control, confuse their desire for something with their right to take it. Have you experienced that? #Hijackals primary need is to win in all circumstance, with all people, about everything. They’ll even do that with their children! Sad. Nasty! These difficult people do not like to be told “No” in any form, or in any form approximating “no,” either. They are “partial adults” who quickly descend into being petulant children. Big hugs!RhobertaHIGHLIGHTS OF TODAY’S EPISODE:How Hijackals get stuck emotionallyWhat “partial adults” don’t like to do….think: work, pay bills, stop playing video games, be inconvenienced, etc.The effects of never learning to collaborate or cooperateJust a petulant child behavior, or are they anti-social? Oops! How partial adults are passive-aggressiveSIX, yes 6, most important first steps to consider before handling #Hijackal petulance and childish ragesWant clarity, insights, strategies, and support from me, Dr. Rhoberta Shaler? We can talk: Introductory session for new clients, $97CONNECT WITH ME: I invite you to like my pages and follow for further help with recognizing toxic relationships, realizing their impact, realigning your life, and recovering your self-confidence and ability to love and trust again.FOLLOW DR. SHALER…WEBSITE: https://www.ForRelationshipHelp.comPODCASThttp://www.SaveYourSanityPodcast.comFACEBOOK————————————————————-I WANT TO HELP YOU FIGURE OUT WHAT’S GOING ON AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!If you want to learn more, share, ask questions, and feel more powerful within yourself and your relationships. Join my Support Circles now.Off social media, safe discussion + videos + articles + webinars + personal home study program + group Saturday Support Calls with me.WOW! Join now. Dr. Shaler’s Relationship Help Circles. 50% off your first month. . Safely off social media.———————————————————————-#petulantpartners #manchild #womanchild #narcissistbehavinglikeachild #narcissistdemands #narcissisttrantrum #handlinghijackals #childishtantrumsofadults #adultswhorage #adultswhohavetantrums #savemysanity #saveyoursanity #relationshipadvice #tipsforrelationships #Hijackals #toxicpeople #mentalhealthmatters #MHNRNetwork #RhobertaShaler #narcissists #borderlines #antisocial #difficultpeople #emotionalabuse #verbalabuse #stoptoleratingabuse #toxicrelationships #manipulation #walkingoneggshells #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #abuse #narcissisticabuse #boundaries #personalitydisorder #difficultpeople #antisocialbehavior #lackingempathy #journorequest #prrequest ? See for privacy and opt-out information.

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