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Practicing Self Comfort


The ability to self comfort is essential to our sense of self and well-being. The baby is born helpless and dependent. He(she) must be nourished to grow and thrive. Besides physical needs the baby has an inherent psychological need to be held, cuddled and warmly embraced by the parenting figure. 

As a child of a narcissistic parent you were deprived of these experiences. Rather,

As a child:

You weren’t comforted

You felt like a stranger in your home

You were hypervigilant

You felt abandoned and alone

You always worried

YOu were constantly anxious

You weren’t allowed to cry

You slept lightly or not at all

You were always tired

You struggled through the days; you dreaded the nights

Now as an adult you can learn to practice self comfort:

The fine art of rest, Discovering beauty, Tapping into your wise child.


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