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Radical Acceptance

This episode is a conversation between Leah and Joe: two very different people connected through their struggles and wisdom gained. This is a conversation about being human and learning to live with the messiness of life.

At the age of 27, and in the midst of losing everything, an exhausted and distraught Joseph S. Fusaro decided to see if he could write his way out of a deep clinical depression that came after years of trial and error with medications, misdiagnoses, and a longtime battle with insomnia. He concluded that it took a lifetime of the wrong use of language and learned helplessness to get him in that place, and maybe the only way to create some peace and lightness of mind was to take the reigns and write out a new story; one of acceptance, perseverance, strength, and a little bit of compassion for himself and others.
After spending most of his 20’s in and out of hospitals he turned to his journal and mindfulness in a final attempt to get his life back on track. For a few years he gave up nights and weekends to work on himself every waking hour. In time he would begin to write and speak professionally with several mental health advocacy organizations. He published 8 poetry books that follow his journey from absolute rock bottom to reclaiming his health, finding peace, creating a successful audio production company, and most importantly feeling alive again.

You can find out more about Joseph on his podcast Hysteria Radio, which is a part of the Mental Health News Radio Network. You can also find his poetry books on Amazon.

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