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Reality and the Autistic Mind


Join Dr. Holmes and Dr. Sanchez as they discuss the constructs of the mind versus the brain and further discuss reason versus logic and reason versus emotions. They will discuss how reality and perception of reality of are quite different from those who are on the spectrum (atypical) and those who are neuro-typical.

Dr. Sanchez is a psychiatrist that has worked in the medical field for over thirty years. He was
born in Bolivia, South America, graduated from medical school from the Federal University of
Maranhao in Brazil and has lived in the United States on and off since his early years. He
participated in residencies of internal medicine at Berkshire Medical Center, and at the Medical
Center of Central Georgia – Mercer University. He completed a residency in psychiatry at the
University of Oklahoma Health Science Center in 2001. He has worked in third world, second
world and first world countries, is fluent in three languages and is aware of the trials and
tribulations of these cultures. Since he moved to the Greenville area in 2006, he has worked
with The Carolina Center for Behavioral Health, Charles Lea Center, Care Focus, Excalibur and is
working with Springbrook Behavioral Health, Havenwood Behavioral Health, Thrive Upstate,
The Gateway House, Broadstep, has a private practice in Greer, SC and is now undertaking the
challenge of raising a teen, which is a category of its own! He has traveled the country speaking
to the medical community promoting new methods of mental health treatments and has
spoken to the health care field with regards to addictions, the use of pharmacological agents
and other themes. He believes in family values, the golden rule, and that we should all work
together as a team in order to promote the wellbeing of all.

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