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Reclaim Your Psychological and Physical Health from the Covert Narcissist


Being married to or having a relationship with a covert narcissist is highly stressful to you, especially over a long period of time. With raging projections, accusations, constant betrayals, humiliations, perpetuate lies and threats you are in fight or flight mode–survival in the sympathetic nervous system. You have accumulated tremendous oxidative stress. Over time this can cause adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, generalized anxiety, chronic depression.

What adds to this toxic mix and accelerates it is previous childhood trauma, including being the child of a narcissistic parent.

Stay grounded in your true authentic self. Take your research on the narcissistic personality seriously. You have done important work and take credit for it. 

Practice a daily restorative healing program in the parasympathetic nervous system. Get the sleep and rest that you deserve. This restores your strength and stamina as does the movement and exercise that works for you. Eating nourishing food and hydrating with pure water are all part of your renewal. 

As you move forward along your own pathway of recovery, spend as much time as possible in the calming, healing mode.

Appreciate who you truly are, how you came to be the fine individual you re today and always have been. You have come home to yourself and are now free to fulfill the promise of your true self.  


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