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Repression – Narcissist’s Convenient Defense Mechanism


Repression is an automatic, convenient defense mechanism that the narcissistic personality uses to forget and block emotions, facts, thoughts, memories and experiences tht are unpleasant and unfavorable to his ego needs of superiority and perfection. 

The narcissistic personality uses repression to his advantage by building a series of false selves who are impervious to the exposure e of his damaged real self.

Narcissistic repression is so powerful that these individuals remain un-self aware throughout their lives, always blaming others for their cruelties and short-comings, lacking mercy and empathy. 

It is those who share their lives with narcissists who suffer since they are victims of these individuals who live for themselves, lack conscience and are incapable of true introspection and insight.

You are authentic, real, strong, empathic with many creative gifts. This is your time to Rise to separate out from the narcissist’s delusional world.

You will find pathways to recovery, calmness, restoration and inner peace through the parasympathetic body/mind systems. 

Start your daily self care: sleep, rest, pure organic food and good water. Choose individuals whom you trust and are evolved. Listen to

beautiful music and do movement and exercise that works for you. Spend time in calming environments as you move always your pathways of restoration, inner peace and the use of your many creative gifts.

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