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Restoring Your Physical and Psychological Grounding After Divorcing A high Level Narcissist


You went through Hell being married to a high level narcissist. You are now free after a series of marathons and multiple nightmare scenarios. Your mind, emotions and psyche were stretched beyond the limit. 

You remember the years you spent with the high flying narcissist, an epoch of extremes. The heady ups were glorious. You traveled everywhere, purchased everything you wanted, met the most important people, felt entitled, powerful, unstoppable. 

But there is a cruel, cold, calculating underside to the narcissist. Behind closed doors Mr. Hyde appeared in full—snarky, nasty, vile—bulging with rage. 

I am in contact with those who have won their marathon and freed themselves from the high level narcissistic spouse. 

Those who are recovering from the non-marriage to a high level narcissist are becoming physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually grounding. 

Their routines and rituals are simplified, devoid of material excess. The focus is on self-care—sleep, rest, movement, nourishing food, hydration, unique creativity, spiritual practice as you define it. De-cluttering mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically is a fine rule. Focusing on individuals of high character is essential. You are moving along your true self pathway, cherishing your authenticity, creativity and integrity.

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