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RET US Marine EOD TECH Tim Brown talks his path to growth, strength, and service.


Listen to RET US Marine Tim Brown, a native of San Antonio and Houston, Texas, tell his story of how he survived an IED blast in February 2011 and how it changed his life forever. From chats with his EOD teammates, as well as a helmet camera video, he learned that on the afternoon of 3 February 2011, he triggered an explosive device while responding to an IED that was discovered by the Marines of India Company, 3rd Battalion 5th Marines. Taliban forces in Sangin, Afghanistan specifically designed this IED to target his EOD team; a team which had already lost a team leader to severe wounds. The blast caused Tim to lose both legs above the knee, his right arm above the elbow, mangled his left hand, and left him with severe damage to the perineum. Tim has made 40 trips to the operating room since that date for reconstructive surgeries.

Tim retired from the Marine Corps and is currently finishing his degree from Georgetown University. He will spend the next year as the head of the University’s Student Veterans chapter. Upon graduation, Tim plans to work in the nonprofit space and serve those who have suffered severe injuries – both veterans and civilians.

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