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Round Table with Dr. Paul Meier: Suicide – Reaching the Unreachable


How do we reach the “highly functional” depressed person? Are they going to check the box on an intake form for “do you have suicidal thoughts?” Dr. Paul Meier joins Melanie Vann and Kristin Sunanta Walker for a look and a listen about the many, many people who live with suicidal ideation who mask their symptoms and go unnoticed … until, sometimes, it is too late.

Dr. Paul Meier is the founder of, a best-selling author and practicing psychiatrist.

Melanie Vann is the program director for MHNR Network and host of Memoirs of Madness. She is also the founder of Your Wise Therapist, LLC.

Kristin Sunanta Walker is the founder of Mental Health News Radio Network.

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