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Ryan McShane Talks About Leadership And the Impact on a Company

More about Ryan McShane:

HR Evolution represents a focus on a new approach to work: through transformational Leadership Workshops, Career Coaching, Resume Writing and HR/Business Consulting designed to strengthen the capabilities of our clients to create impact and experience their vision!
HR Evolution, LLC brings value to clients through application of 20yrs HR Management experience in the Public, Private and Not for Profit sectors. Services and resources include Transformative Leadership Development Workshops, Personality Assessments, Organizational Development Interventions, Strategic Planning, HR/Business Consulting, Career Transition Tools, Professional Resume Writing, Interview skills development and more!

I have the pleasure of serving as the Owner and President of HR Evolution LLC a local HR, Career and Leadership Consultancy. Formerly, I’ve served the HR Profession for 20 years and prior to launching HR Evolution in 2015 I was the HR Officer for a County Agency. Additionally, I held the position of President for Chesapeake Human Resources Association (CHRA) a local chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) for 2 consecutive years.

My simple philosophy and approach are predicated on the following principles derived from the Book Titled, Conscious Capitalism, by John Mackey and Raj Sisoda.
1. Higher Purpose – operating through our values to meet a common humanitarian purpose or life improvement.
2. Conscious Leadership- characterized by self awareness and highly emotionally intelligent. Operates from a Servant Leadership Style and motivated by seeing others succeed.
3. Conscious Culture – The Values and Behaviors of Employees depict those that support accomplishment of mission and growth of the individual.
4. Stakeholder Orientation – All Stakeholders are given equal consideration in decision-making.
We want to support your professional or business goals and dreams!

For support with workplace issues:

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