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Say No to Aggressive Narcissistic Spouses -Yes to Your Real Self


Each day I hear painful life stories from spouses married to aggressive, ruthless narcissistic personalities. You have been betrayed, lied to countless times, worried night and day about the state of your marriage. 

Say No to Narcissists:

Leading secret lives of psychological and emotional betrayal

Telling perpetual destructive lies

Buying off their children with favoritism, gifts, travels, privileges

Vindictive rage fests that cause psychological harm to spouses and children

Continuous threats and intimidations of abandonment

Hide and steal financial assets from the spouse by playing hide the money

Say Yes to:

Spending regular time in the parasympathetic healing, body/mind systems

Bring individuals into your days whom you trust and with whom you can be yourself

Your form of meditation and prayer

Creativity – unedited writing, sketching, painting

Nourishing food, pure water

Intuition, Insight,

Listen to beautiful music, miracle of melody, classic, orchestral

Quiet, solitude, Nature’s beauty



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