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Sean Fogler- Addicted Doctor

Join my former anesthesiologist Sean Fogler and I as we discuss 9/11, PTSD, Medical School, Cocaine, and Felonies. All part of his journey.Sean Fogler is a physician in long-term recovery, mental health and
addiction advocate, peer recovery mentor and healthcare entrepreneur.
Sean was at the World Trade Centers during the September 11 th attacks
and developed PTSD. He used addictive substances and behaviors to
manage his disease, ultimately leading to his conviction of a drug offense
— and loss of his medical license. Now in long term recovery, Sean
advocates for and mentors those that struggle. He uses his experience to
educate, inform and reduce the shame and stigma that keep addiction alive
— especially within the medical community. Sean writes regularly about his
experience to give hope and promote healing in others and himself. He
currently advises a number of healthcare technology companies, one of
which is Reachout – My Support Network, an application that provides
support to those struggling with mental health challenges and other
diseases. Sean is active within the Philadelphia recovery and physician
recovery communities. He has recently begun working with the
Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition and Lawyers Concerned For
Lawyers. He is currently working on a book centered on his experience and
the science of addiction.

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