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Season 2: Episode 2 – AIMS Global (Karla)


Hello Aspies,

On todays show I am talking to Karla Pretorius who is a co-founder of AIMS Global. A organization that trains thearpist to put in homes or online with those who are on the spectrum and have other disabilities as well such as anxiety.

You will learn a lot about her and how she got her start. You get a bit of her background and why she and her partner decied to start this organization and how the process of training works.  You learn about the organization and how they do things and what their beliefs are, and you also learn about myself and some of my background.

So be sure to listen, and also dont forget to subscribe!

ADHD, ASD, Asperger's, autism, life skills, mental health, mental wellness, motivation, neurodiverse, Neurodiversity, On the Spectrum, self-care


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