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Secret Power Women Have Over Their Fathers

Secret Power Women Have Over Their Fathers

According to award-winning behavioral expert James I. Bond, men have a rarely-mentioned quirk that allows their daughters to greatly influence them. Bond says, From Donald Trump to Barack Obama, Winston Churchill to Martin Luther King, Jr., Mark Twain to Paul McCartney, even Supreme Court justices and CEOs of major corporations, the influence of daughters on their fathers is often more profound than most people realize. 

But the real reason they have so much influence may surprise you.” Find out what that reason is and what makes the father-daughter bond so special.

He is the author of “The Secret Life of Fathers (second edition),” an unexpected guide to understanding men and fathers. Bond has written for and appears as a frequent radio talk show guest. 


James is a behavioral management specialist.

For thirteen years he was president of a leading behavioral management firm. His clients included Amgen, The Muscular Dystrophy Association, British General Electric, Gannett Media, Tenet Healthcare, Cigna Employee Benefits Companies and Kal Kan Pet Foods.

He has also been involved in regional leadership for The Mankind Project, a non-profit men’s training and personal development organization.

James is the father of a son age thirty-five and three daughters age thirty-three through twenty-six. (He is a father-in-training – he hasn’t quite gotten it right yet, but he is trying.) James and his wife Pam of 39 years live in Thousand Oaks, California.


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