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Narcissistic people starve you in so many ways. Every now and again a narcissist–a Hijackal–is kind, offers a compliment, or shows interest in your feelings. THOSE ARE CRUMBS. You may be so starved that those crumbs feel like a feast. You make a big deal of it, and think the world has reset in your favor. NO! The Hijackal wants something from you and knows how to get it. It’s important to see this clearly.
Emotional malnutrition is real. Malnutrition is the state of you end up in when you live with constant deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances in your intake. You don’t get enough of what is life-giving and healthy. You get too much of what is depriving, degrading, and discounting. AND, nothing is every in a healthy state of balance. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

  • You find yourself starving for love, attention, acceptance, and validation
  • Why you get used to breadcrumbs
  • Why Hijackals will never engage in equality
  • Have you made yourself into a pretzel to try to please a HIjackal®?
  • Hijackals want you to be a doormat and then make you wrong for being one. Familiar?

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