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Spontaneous Writing – Key to Rediscovering Your True Self


Growing up with narcissistic family members – narcissistic parents, siblings, you were controlled and not allowed to be your true self. The same is true if you are or were married to a narcissistic personality. 

The practice of spontaneous writing gives your a freedom of expression, the full use of your creativity and healing and recovery process from narcissistic abuse. 

Spontaneous writing practice stems from our personal histories and our deep unconscious, our inspirations and our intuitions. Writing is a form of therapy that we carry with us. It is a vehicle, it give us a ticket to go deep and as far as our imaginations will carry us. 

Writing is a form of play; it is a wonderful mysterious process, a flow, a wonder, a great gift. 


I invite you to the incredibly wonderful creative, innovative shows of the Mental Health News Radio Network. These shows (Mine is called The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast) are uniquely deep, meaningful, truth seeking, engaging pathos and humor. You will find a home at the Mental Health News Radio Network – Our Shows.  

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