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Sports Psychology with Dr. Ken Best

Who Is Dr. Ken Best?

* Dr. Ken Best is a holistic physician who specializes in sports
chiropractic and applied kinesiology.
* Dr. Ken Best teaches people how to find and change limiting
beliefs so that they can rewire the way their brain works to create
the life they want.
* He uses his holistic approach to heal people who are suffering
from both physical and mental pain.
* Dr. Ken Best is also known as a Celebrity Chiropractor and has
worked with everyone from Oscar winners to reality TV stars to
Grammy-winning musicians.
* Dr. Best is also an accomplished author who wrote the book, _99
Things You Wish You Knew Before Facing Life’s Challenges_, as well as
its Second Edition, _11 Best Ways To Face Life’s Challenges.
_Plus, the upcoming book, _Rewriting Your Life, _is forthcoming.

Areas of Expertise

* Neuromuscular specialist – Has worked with Olympic and
professional athletes.
* A Kinesiologist – He integrates physiology and mobility to heal
patients and get them in tip-top shape.
* Certified teacher of ThetaHealing – He uses this meditative
technique to dive deeper into a patient’s consciousness to change the
way they think and feel.
* Holistic Chiropractor – He loves integrating a more health infused
approach with his chiropractic work.
* Chakra balancer – Dr. Best is also a chakra balancer. He believes
in helping people rebalance their energy if their physical energy is
low and they are lacking mental clarity.

Talking Points

* For me, it’s all about connecting the mind, body and spirit
through restoring balance to the body. That usually means finding a
core belief that is stopping you from creating what you want in your life.
As an expert in muscle testing, I find and correct imbalances which
will allow the body to heal physically and mentally.
* I like to go straight to the emotional work and get at what the
underlying core beliefs are that are sabotaging what the person is
trying to create.
* Your physical, chemical, emotional and environmental factors
create stressors. And when they get out of balance, it throws
everything else off.
* If anything can be effected in your body by quantum physics, it
would be belief systems.
* The best way to bring about change is to rewire the brain.
Patients have to work on that on a daily basis. The brain is used to
going to the same thought process of thinking: ‘You’re never really
going to get that job because you’re really not that talented.’ And
it’s this repetitive thought process that gets people in that rabbit hole.
So, if you change the belief system, it makes it that much easier to
bring about lasting change instead of creating new patterns which
inevitably bring about resistance.
* Emotions are just stuck feelings where we keep thinking about
something over and over. We keep holding onto that anger or that
frustration. We often have a hard time discerning the difference
between our “gut feelings” and our “emotions.”
* You can change the direction of your life in an instant and have
fun in the process, if you want to.

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