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Staying Connected to Nature with Grounding


We know grounding is extremely important for empaths. You may have heard it as a spiritual practice, but did you know that grounding legitimately has positive effects on the body? Listen to Kristin, and co-host Georgia, speak with Laura Koniver, MD about her book, “The Earth Prescription: Discover the Healing of Nature with Grounding Practices for Every Season,” and the benefits of grounding. Spiritually empaths need to stay grounded in order to maintain. Hear how science substantiates these practices and how incredible it can be not only to help you manage energy, but it can also provide substantial health benefits. Even in a metropolitan environment, hear Laura Koniver, MD discuss how to stay grounded.

Laura Koniver, MD, is an artist, author, holistic physician, and internationally recognized grounding advocate. Koniver has been featured as an expert in four motion pictures about grounding, and is also the author of the children’s book, “From the Ground Up.”

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