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Steven Ringlestein: The Planet Is Going Through a Reset- TPS409


Steven Ringlestein is a lifelong serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Pristine Creations LLC, a high flow state consulting firm creating extraordinary results, innovation and excellence. He is an evolutionary leader who pioneered the 4 Zones of Leadership framework. He uses neuroscience principles to hack leaders’ internal decision-making algorithms to enhance performance. He is highly skilled in emotional intelligence, energetic intelligence, and an expert in the science of intuitive intelligence.


Steven tells us how he got to the place of believing in the power of our inner reality.
The gap between what is and what I think it is can be large.
Our collective consciousness can create the apparent reality.
Because our outer world is contracting, we now have the opportunity to examine our inner world.
Habits are invisible because they have disappeared from our awareness. The trick is to become aware of the habit. Steven explains how to do this.
We talk about what is triggering people to buy so much toilet paper.
There is an opportunity now to find balance between our inner and outer worlds.
Steven explains how to activate parts of you that have become numb.
Because families are spending so much time together now, there is opportunity to heal conflicts within family relationships.
I ask what can people do to stop focusing on what’s wrong so they can look for opportunities. Steven suggests asking, “What’s the gift in that”.
If you watch too much TV now, you can generate fear. If you ask, “What’s the gift in that?”, you can shift to looking at opportunities.
Letting go of the fear takes trust. When each of us can trust, it facilitates the evolution of the group.
Focusing on getting healthier can counteract some of the fear.
By consciously slowing down while doing everything, you will counteract some of the fear.
Steven practices radical self-love and creates communication between his internal masculine and feminine.
We are the only ones who know what each of us needs.
Meditation, walking outside, and nurturing yourself are helpful now. Also, ask yourself, “What’s important for me?”
Healthy desire gives us access to our intuitive selves.
Steven equates money with the energy of love.
We talk about connection and how to create it now.
It’s a gift now to open ourselves to receive.

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