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Stop Acting as the High Level Narcissist's Primary Source of Narcissistic Supply


You have been a primary resource of ego supply to the high level narcissist: adulation, praise, loyalty, creative collaboration. 

Beneath the extreme confidence, self entitlement and charm, the high level narcissist is an individual who is constantly in need of keeping his ego fully inflated.

High level narcissists create a golden circle of followers and admirers who provide them with constant re-circulating adoration, obedience, monetary rewards that raise them up on the power food chain. 

High level narcissists choose partners and spouses who increase the attraction and fascination that others have toward them. A socially skilled charming sophisticated partners is an invaluable part of the high level’s appeal and cachet. High level choose souses who burnish their image, are gifted socially and add to the perfection of the high level’s impeccable image. 

For the high level narcissist you are an object who fulfills his/her needs, wants and expectations. Your perfect performance is expected.

The high level is cunning and has a gift for knowing your psychological vulnerabilities and deep wishes. He/she uses these skills for purposes of control and manipulation. 

For some partners to high level narcissists it is the exciting and easy lifestyle that is so appealing. You feel like you can have anything you want because you are connected with the magic of the narcissist.

Behind closed doors the story turns ugly You become the object of the narcissist’s vile projections, criticisms, humiliations. It is stressful and exhausting to be treated in this manner for so many years, even decades. 

You have many insights and decide to move forward along your own pathway that you deserve to pursue your unique creative gifts, to go through your days with a sense of inner peace, appreciating and acting upon your individuality. Physical, psychological and creative energies are renewed. You have come back to your original true self. 

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