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Stop Being “Too Nice!” It encourages Hijackals.


You may think that it’s impossible to be “too nice.” It’s not. It actually can make things worse…and that’s just what it does when you’re in a relationship with a narcissistic Hijackal.
You do all the giving and then, more is expected, right? Not working! Listen in to recognize the ways being “too nice” works against you.
Hijackals LOVE to take advantage of someone who will fall all over themselves to keep the Hijackal happy. Remember, though, the Hijackal is dedicated to never being happy for more than a hot minute…if that. Then, it will be right back to blaming you for everything.


  • People-pleasing can be part of being “too nice” and can lead to chronic codependency
  • Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you matter more than your own opinion on you
  • Hijackals will find fault with you no matter how nice you are and how much you do for them
  • 5 ways Healthier Humans behave differently than Hijackal Humans

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