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Stop Kidding Yourself. Narcissists Behave Badly & Get Worse!!!


You want to believe that love can change people, right? So, you give, give, and give in yet nothing really gets better beyond a half minute. You decide to give more until there is little left of you. Nothing changes…except for getting worse. That’s because their decision to change has nothing to do with it And, worse…they have no interest in changing to make things better.
Listen in to realize the many reasons WHY this is so, and WHY it’s so hard to believe people who think and behave in narcissistic Hijackal ways exist…and see no reason to care how they affect you. ESSENTIAL TO RECOGNIZE!

  • Why you want to believe a narcissistic person can change
  • How believing a narcissistic person can change and investing it it robs you of time for healthier things
  • How a Hijackal manipulates you into thinking it’s your job to please them and take care of them
  • Why you might stay TOO LONG in an unhealthy relationship with a narcissist
  • Why it is essential to see a toxic relationship for what it is: UNHEALTHY

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