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Stories: Navigating Life and Podcasting with ADHD: Jerry Dugan’s Journey


Navigating Life and Podcasting with ADHD: Jerry Dugan’s Journey

Meet Jerry Dugan, a seasoned leadership trainer, public speaker, and author with a passion for motivating people to live their best lives. As the host of the Beyond the Rut podcast, Jerry shares inspiring stories and valuable insights on personal growth and development. Growing up as an army brat offered him unique experiences and opportunities to adapt to new environments and learn from diverse individuals. Jerry’s personal journey with ADHD has not only helped him understand his own quirks, but also allowed him to support his daughter, who was diagnosed with ADHD as well. His authentic and relatable approach to discussing ADHD makes him a valuable guest.


Jerrys Podcast:

Unlocking the ADHD Superpower with Jerry Dugan

Out of adversity, Jerry Dugan, an Army brat-turned-podcast host and leadership trainer, will stop at nothing to conquer his ADHD and create a life worth living- but his biggest challenge may be simply staying focused.

“Ride that wave in a sense, for me.”

My special guest is Jerry Dugan

Jerry Dugan is an accomplished leadership development expert, author, and podcast host. Having grown up as an army brat, Jerry has experienced constant change and met diverse groups of people throughout his life. He recently published a book titled “Beyond the Rut: Create a Life Worth Living in Your Faith, Family, and Career,” where he shares his unique perspective on authentic leadership. With over two decades of military experience and a deep understanding of ADHD, Jerry draws on these experiences as he raises his daughter, who also has ADHD. His relatable stories and insights make him an engaging and credible guest on the topic.

This is Jerry Dugan’s story:

Jerry Dugan’s journey with ADHD began when his 19-year-old daughter Emma was diagnosed with the condition. As his family considered the possibility that he too might have ADHD, Jerry couldn’t help but notice the similarities between their experiences. Growing up as an army brat, Jerry’s life was filled with constant change, a trait that seemed to complement his potentially ADHD-wired brain. Despite the hurdles, Jerry managed to become a successful podcaster and author, using his unique perspective to inspire others.

In this episode, you will be able to:

In this episode, you will be able to: 1. Discover effective ways to thrive with ADHD. 2. Unveil valuable insights for managing a solo podcast journey. 3. Unearth the powerful nexus between journaling and maximizing productivity.

Embracing Your Unique ADHD Journey: Personal Stories and Insights
The journey with ADHD is unique to each individual, and embracing that journey can lead to a more fulfilling life. Understanding the experiences and insights of others can help provide guidance and inspiration for individuals to accept their own ADHD and find ways to thrive. It’s essential to remain open to learning and understanding the range of how ADHD can affect different aspects of life. Adopting a growth mindset and honing personal strengths can create a path for success despite the challenges. In the episode, Jerry Dugan opens up about his personal struggles and successes with ADHD. Reid and Jerry engaged in an insightful conversation, sharing their personal experiences and how they navigated through ADHD’s unique challenges. Jerry’s story illustrates the importance of self-acceptance, and his journey can empower other adults with ADHD to embrace the situation and continue discovering their potential.

  • Listen to Jerry Dugan’s podcast, Beyond the Rut, for insights and inspiration on living a life worth living in faith, family, and career.

  • Purchase Jerry’s book, Beyond the Rut: Create a Life Worth Living in Your Faith, Family, and Career, available on Amazon or other retailers.

Strive to do your best in everything. – Jerry Dugan

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