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Stronger Family Connections: A Late Autism Diagnosis Journey


A late autism diagnosis brings a family closer together, but what happens when the unexpected strikes? Tune in as Sara Bradford shares her journey of discovery, love, and growth, leaving us wondering: will their newfound bond withstand the challenges ahead?
Sara Bradford is a remarkable individual whose journey of self-discovery and late diagnosis has brought her to the forefront of the autism community. As a mother, wife, and late-diagnosed autistic herself, Sara brings a unique perspective to the table. Her experience of raising a son on the spectrum, combined with her own personal journey of self-discovery, led her to dive into the world of children’s book authorship, podcasting, and founding a non-profit organization. With her warm and relatable personality, Sara is dedicated to celebrating and elevating the voices of individuals with autism. Her insights on family bonding and navigating life on the spectrum are invaluable for late-diagnosed adults and parents alike. Join us on Inside the Asperger Studios to hear Sara’s inspiring story and gain a fresh perspective on family relationships and autism.

Sara Bradford, a late-diagnosed autistic and mother of two, shares her journey of self-discovery and how it strengthened her family bonds. After her son’s autism diagnosis, followed by her husband and daughter, Sara began to question her own place on the spectrum. Curiosity led her to get tested, and the results brought a sense of relief and unity to their already close-knit family. As a stay-at-home mom, Sara found new purpose in advocating for autism awareness through her podcast, the SG Child Show, and writing children’s books. She discovered a passion for uplifting voices and shifting perspectives, both within her family and the world. Through her upcoming nonprofit, SJ Child Global Network, Sara aims to provide resources and employment training for individuals on the spectrum, including her son. Her journey of self-discovery has not only deepened her understanding of autism but also strengthened the love and connection within her family. Sara’s story serves as an inspiration for late-diagnosed adults seeking to strengthen their own family relationships and find their place in the world.
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