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Answering Your Qs About Genetic Testing, Family Issues, Self-Medicating & More

Dr. H answers questions about a variety of issues in this week’s episode. A listener named Tracy inquires about genetic testing for ADHD medication, another asks about his “hyper response to stress,” and Cooper called with a question about self-medicating with cannabis. Listen to Ned’s thoughts on these questions and others that we received from our listeners in the Distraction community. 

This episode was originally released in October 2018.

Change Is The Only Constant

A few conversations with friends had Dr. Hallowell thinking about how the world has changed in his lifetime, and whether or not it’s for the better. Do we still have standards in society? Are millennials lazy? Is social media to blame for all of our problems? 

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus put it so many years ago, “the only thing that is constant is change.”

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This episode was originally released in May 2018.

Helping Athletic Coaches Understand ADHD Kids

Own Beat Athlete is an organization that aims to help soccer, baseball, football and other coaches better understand neurodivergent kids, like those with ADHD. As a former coach and mother to a son with ADHD and dyslexia, Susan Stout saw that many coaches of young athletes didn’t understand ADHD, resulting in seasons filled with frustration and anxiety for both the coaches and the young athletes. Susan decided to create Own Beat Athlete to reduce the struggle between coaches and players, as she tells Ned in this episode. 

Own Beat Athlete

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This episode was originally released in April 2019.

Q&A: Why Do I Feel Shame When Talking About My ADHD?

Pamela was recently diagnosed with combined-type ADHD at the age of 43. She’s thrilled to finally have a name for what she’s experienced all of her life, but reaches out to ask why she feels shame and guilt when talking about her diagnosis with friends and family.

Ned offers advice to help Pamela move past her feelings and embrace the positive qualities she possesses. Which includes being an excellent cake baker! 

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Distraction is created by Sounds Great Media. This episode was originally released in March 2021. 

How to Overcome Anxiety

Stress, anxiety and depression can affect everyone in our society, from the youngest to the oldest. Our guest today offers ways to break free from these feelings and move past them in her book, Goodbye Anxiety Hello Freedom. Author Stephanie Dalfonzo shares many different techniques with our listeners for overcoming anxiety and building resilience. As Stephanie says, some of the tools are deceptively easy– but don’t let their simplicity fool you. It’s these simple shifts that create lasting changes!

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This episode was originally released March 2019.

3 Ways to Feel Less Busy

Is life feeling a little too hectic these days? Then it’s time to un-busy yourself. Dr. Hallowell outlines three easy ways to feel less busy and regain control of your day, in this mini that was inspired by an article from  

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler

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This episode was originally released in January 2018. 


Listener Q&A: Which Is Better for Neurodiverse Brains, Multi-Tasking or Single-Tasking?

Today’s question comes from 16-year old Emily who wrote:

I’m 16 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD in the third grade. I know that those of us with ADHD are often very good at multitasking… or so we think. But I’ve recently heard about the term “single-tasking,” (focusing on doing one thing at a time) as being a better way to accomplish some tasks, which I totally struggle with. Can you talk about which method is better for neurodiverse brains, and how we can get better at focusing on one thing at a time? 

Today’s question is answered by guest-expert, Dr. Maryellen Ruth, Director of the Diagnostic Center at Forman School.

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How Do You Know When Enough Is Enough?

Dr. H shares his advice for knowing when a person or project is not worth any more of your time and effort. Whether you’re struggling with a job,  relationship or something else, this mini episode can help you figure out your next steps. Plus, hear about the project Ned walked away from after investing a ton of time and energy, and why he’s better off for it. 

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This episode was originally released in February 2019.


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