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The Truth About Trauma

Jenn talks to Patricia Mangones, PMHNP-BC. They discuss the complexities of psychological trauma and PTSD, signs and symptoms of these conditions, and ways to help navigate emotionally traumatic experiences.

Patricia Mangones, PMHNP-BC, is a nurse practitioner at McLean Hospital’s Hill Center for Women, where she works on a multidisciplinary team. She provides trauma-informed medication management in individual treatment and facilitates dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and skills-based PTSD groups.


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The McLean Hospital podcast Mindful Things is intended to provide general information and to help listeners learn about mental health, educational opportunities, and research initiatives. This podcast is not an attempt to practice medicine or to provide specific medical advice.

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Chatting with Sam Mitchell from Autism Rocks and Rolls!

Sam Mitchell and his mother Gina from Autism Rocks and Rolls stop by to have a chat with me about anxiety, autism, and mental health!


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Dr Bill Rawls — What You Need to Know About Lyme Disease

Bill Rawls is an OB-GYN and leading expert in Lyme disease, integrative health, and herbal medicine. In the middle of his successful medical career, Dr. Rawls’ life was interrupted by Lyme disease. As he struggled to overcome it, he explored nearly every treatment possible – from conventional medicine to a range of alternative therapies. In the process, Dr. Rawls discovered a shocking amount of controversy and confusion around causes, diagnosis, and treatment that left thousands of patients confused, unsupported, and chronically ill. Find out more about Dr. Rawls on Here is the direct link to the free book offer:

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The Value of Allowing Life to Happen Through You – TPS470

I recently watched an interview on C-SPAN with Ursula Burns, the first Black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I was impressed with her ability to allow life to happen through her rather than working hard to make it happen. A great example of synchronicity.


Brought up in a poor neighborhood, Ursula’s mother never let the kids know that they were poor.
I talk about how Ursula let her life happen rather than pushing toward a goal. The fact that she could not have conceived of being a CEO of a large company worked in her favor. I expand on this.
When you get yourself into the place where you allow your life to happen, you’ll get what you need to become who you are becoming.
It’s important to be satisfied with where you are and what you have and believe that what you need will show up but it will probably take longer than you want.
Problems and concerns are part of your journey.
I talk about the oppression that is prevalent in our society and relate something I went through via Microsoft that allowed me to feel controlled and powerless.
If you can recognize the situations when you feel controlled – or oppressed – it will allow you to process those feelings and not hold onto them.
When you hold things in rather than expressing them, it’s hard to let them go. It helps to talk to people about what’s bothering you – without kvetching.
Working through your emotions allows you to move your life comfortably forward.

Where You Are Is Not Who You Are by Ursula Burns

C-SPAN interview with Ursula Barnes

Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) – The Official Manual

Rapidly Release a Major Money Issue

Neurodiversity Within Teen Friendships

We spend a lot of time working with kids on the spectrum about social skills or how to engage with a friend and be in a friendship. What about working with neurotypical kids and teens on how to learn social skills and how to befriend those who are different like those on the autism spectrum. Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews Caroline and her friendship with her best friend who is on the autism spectrum.

For more interviews such as these and the entire curriculum on Spectrum Teens go to where you can learn about teens on the spectrums and the issues they face.
DVDs and a downloadable course are available.

A Talk with the filmmakers of “Two Cents From a Pariah”

Today we have a special episode of the podcast, where I discuss the film “Two Cents From a Pariah” with the lead actor, Jeffrey Grover, and lead actress Cortney Palm, as well as Chris Carson Emmons, the writer and director of the film. Jeffrey Grover can be seen in such films as “Dark Waters,” “Take Shelter,” “I Feel Pretty,” “Miles Ahead,” and more. Cortney Palm is best known for her role in the horror comedy “Zombeavers,” having also appeared in “Sushi Girl” and “Death House,” among many others.

The film we discuss together here deals with many important and difficult topics, including addiction.

The film is available to rent on Amazon here –

These are the film’s social media pages where you can view the trailer and receive updates-

Instagram: @twocentsfilm

Facebook: Two cents Facebook

NEW to MHNR Network!  That Infernal Noise – Tune In if You’re Feeling Alone!

That Infernal Noise:  A podcast new to MHNR Network that’s providing a safe space to feel a little less alone.

“If I am being honest, I feel like I have a higher calling to do something to help people. I have been told my whole life that people feel comfortable speaking to me and I enjoy that. I like thinking that I can help improve someone’s life just by talking or speaking to them and if I can help even one person it will be worth it.” – Robert (Host)

“We are those f*cked up thoughts in the back of your head”

When asked what his goal is for every episode of That Infernal Noise, Robert responds, “That no one is alone, no matter what they think.  I am not the atypical person you think of when it comes to being an advocate for mental health and have felt isolated because of it.”  He wants everyone to know that, no matter your race/creed/sexual orientation or any applicable qualifier you wish to use, that it is always okay to talk about your issues and seek help in whatever way works best for you.  He understands that managing our mental health is unique to each individual.

Robert uses his ‘weak’ and ‘insecure’ moments from his day to day life as the main talking points for each of his episodes and as a form of therapy.  He appreciates not only helping others, but there is a certain level of catharsis he gets from just being to put his truths out into the universe, rather than shoving it down and allowing it to fester and eventually consume him.

When asked about any personal information he’d like to share, he shared a bit of wisdom that his son reminded him of when he was having a bad mental day, “it is okay to have negative thoughts, it is what you do after them that matters.” He noted it was nice to know that teenagers listened…occasionally.

About Mental Health News Radio Network

Mental Health News Radio Network hosts over 90 podcasts dedicated to all aspects of mental health. It is the world’s first and largest podcast network dedicated to all things mental health. Its Speakers’ Bureau and filmed series such as Mixed Nuts: Comedians and Mental Health allow it to further its mission to reach as many people in as many places as possible to encourage dialogue about mental health.

About That Infernal Noise

Robert, the host of That Infernal Noise, is a man, a dad, a friend, a human.  We are all so many things in life.  As a man, he shares his life’s interesting moments, his difficult moments.  Tune in to get to know him more.



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