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Jodi Carlton on the Differences Between AS and NPD

Stephanie and Dan interview ND Couples’ Coach, Jodi Carlton. Part 1 of a 2 part series looks at the differences and cross-over features of AS and NPD. This can be very controversial, but it is important for clinicians and pastors, and spouses to know the differences between NeuroDiversity and Personality Disorders, such as Narcissism.

About Jodi Carlton:
I was licensed as a professional counselor for 20+ years before I transitioned to full-time coaching. In addition to my expertise in autism/Aspergers, I am trauma-informed and certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy as well as hypnosis. I also have extensive experience with anxiety-related challenges and acquired/ traumatic brain injury (ABI/TBI).

You can find out more about Jodi at spectrum

Stories: Happy Brain with Loretta Breuning

Do you or someone you know deal with a addiction and not sure why or how it started or wondered why runners run and what makes a runner high. Well this episode is a very interesting one. I talk wtih Loretta Breuning of the Inner Mammal Institute.

We talk what makes a addition an addiction, we talk about runners high and we talk abit about the brain and we also get to know her her.

So sit back, relax and grab your favorite beverage…

Stories Anxiety and ASD Edition

Are you someone who deals with anxiety or know someone. Well todays show is a interesting one. I talk with Alec Baynes from Anxiously Yours. He is a podcaster who deals with ASD and anxiety and we talk about he deals with that and his ASD at the same time. We learn a lot about him and maybe a little more.

This is going to be a very interested show.

So sit back, realx and grab your favorite beverage.

What Do I Do Now: Middle School Ep. 2

Gina Mitchell, teacher of 8th graders for 17 years and mom to Sam Mitchell, Autism Rocks and Rolls podcaster, talks to Ms. Karen White, a middle school special education teacher for over 25 years. This is the second episode in the trio of “What Do I Do Know: Middle School.” The conversation goes in a different direction because this information pertains to the middle school parent whose child has been diagnosed with autism. Mrs. White talks about what to do if a child is diagnosed late in the game, what questions to ask, how to work as a team, and that help is truly out there in the public education school system.

Does Understanding NeuroDiversity Really Matter?

Grace and Stephanie discuss helping couples to gain a better understanding of who they each are, who their partner is, and how their neurological differences affect their relationship.
Understanding the differences in neurology is crucial for anyone from coaches, ministers to counselors. Additional training and coursework are needed to better understand this couple’s differences.

If you want to learn more about NeuroDiverse Christian Couples from a faith-based perspective please check out
Module 1, an 11-hour course of a several module series is available at:

About Grace:
Grace Myhill, MSW. AANE Director of The Peter M. Friedman Neurodiverse Couples Institute, AANE Director of Couples and Partners Services, and Neurodiverse Couples Coach in private practice.

Grace’s Approach:
Working with neurodiverse couples in which one partner has an Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum Profile is my specialty. I understand the unique strengths and the challenges
that come with these relationships. We cannot change our neurologies, but I can help couples to gain a better understanding of who they each are, who their partner is, and
how their neurological differences affect their relationship.

My approach is to first help couples understand the importance of neurology and what it means to be a neurodiverse couple. This includes getting to know how you and your
partner each think and perceive the world. I help couples identify how their neurological similarities and differences affect the dynamics and interaction of their relationship.

Together we can identify areas for skill-building and problem-solving. There are several ways you can work with me: individually, together with your partner, or in a group. We can meet by phone or video conferencing.

For more information visit my website or email or call me 617-504-3116.

Grace works with various types of relationships and partnerships.

Her website is

What Do I Do Now: Elementary Ep. 1

Gina Mitchell, teacher of 8th graders for 17 years and mom to Sam Mitchell, Autism Rocks and Rolls podcaster, talks to Ms. Keisha Blais, an elementary special education teacher for 20 years. The educators jump into the topics of, when an elementary school child is diagnosed with autism or other PDD disorders, what should be done now? The conversation turns to steps to take within the school system, who to talk to, what an IEP meeting looks like, and what kinds of questions might be asked.

Interview with Sheila Gregoire, Great Sex Rescue Part 2

Sheila Wray Gregoire is the face behind, the largest single-blogger marriage blog. A sought-after speaker, she’s also an award-winning author of nine books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex. Sheila has a Master’s in Public Administration and a Master of Arts in Sociology both from Queen’s University. Sheila built the successful blog, To Love, Honor, and Vacuum, with traffic of one million page views a month. Her email list is 45,000 strong and her social media reach is over 100,000. Her podcast, Bare Marriage, has more than 5,000 downloads each week. She is an award-winning author with seven royalty-published books. A sought-after speaker, Sheila has spoken at churches and conferences around the globe. She is a frequent contributor at Family Life Canada events. Her latest book, “The Great Sex Rescue” was featured in the New York Times Book Review, Publishers Weekly, and The Washington Post. She has bylines at Religion News Service, Relevant Magazine, and other news sources. Sheila and her husband Keith, a pediatrician, live in Belleville Ontario. They have two grown daughters and one very adorable grandson who lives down the road. She enjoys hiking, birdwatching, RV camping trips, and board games. And she knits – even in line at the grocery store.

Mother, Teacher, Advocate: Answering Questions about Autism

Join in and listen to an amazing conversation between Kristin and Gina Mitchell, the mother of Sam Mitchell who is the host of Autism Rocks and Rolls. Kristin and Gina discuss the various differences between raising a child who is on the spectrum, while at the same time appreciating all the wonderful things that come from those same differences. Gina’s history as a teacher has given her an upper hand when dealing with the red tape that comes from having a child on the spectrum at times. At the same time, it’s also allowed her to become Sam’s biggest advocate. Here she shares what she is an expert in…their own personal story.

Gina Mitchell is Sam Mitchell’s mom. Sam Mitchell is the creator and host of the podcast Autism Rocks and Rolls and the CEO of the Non-Profit Autism Rocks and Rolls. Gina has been Sam’s #1 fan well, really since birth, but especially since Sam has spread his wings and shown the world what he’s got. She is currently a teacher of 8th-grade students and has a bachelor’s degree in English/Social Studies Education, a Master’s degree in Education, and a Gifted and Talented Education degree. Gina has been a teacher for 17-years and still is. However, her second job is working at Autism Rocks and Rolls with Sam. Here, she works in marketing, networking, writing, editing, producing, and really, just doing a lot behind the scenes. When Sam’s life mission became helping others, it became hers too. Her favorite pastimes are listening to crime and detective podcasts, music and crazy dancing with her family and students, leisurely swimming, reading books, building Websites, traveling, meeting new people, playing with her dogs, and shopping for bargains.

Stories Rock & Roll Edition

In this legendary episode of Stories. i sit down and get to know a muscian, Cody Lee. This is a guy who picked up and moved from Boston to Champiagn, IL to Chicago. Played with some of the most legenday people and even played at some of the most legendary places like CBGB.

So sit back and take a listen a I dive into the life of a music legend. We will find out why the move and much more and we talk abit about wher his love of music came from and where he sees himself in the future.

We get into the questions and see where than see where he plans to be in futures time.

Cody Lee is a legendary player who has played with such people as: Peter Green. He also was a roadie for Osibisa with fellow Green acolyte Snowy White, later in life he got the oppertunity to jam with another legendary rocker, Mississippi Fred McDowell. 

Cody started out in Boston and wound up here in my hometown Chicago.  He is definately one of the greats and it was a honor to sit down with this legendary bassist and see what makes his mind tick.

You can find out more about Cody and listen to his music in the link below

Hope Wins with Leisa Williams

Today the podcast is brought to you by our sponsor, Autism Spectrum Resources for Marriage & Family, LLC. Join Dr. Holmes as she interviews the author of Hope Wins! Leisa Williams.

Leisa was born in 1971 and brought up in Queensland, Australia.  She lives in Canberra with her husband, her three children, and her daughter-in-law.
She writes from her heart about her life experiences that have come from the school of hard knocks.  Her views are tried and tested from many years of working to overcome adversity in her life as well as being founded on her Christian biblical faith, the wise counsel and support from healthcare professionals, and her educational background, which includes a Master of Education degree.
Hope Wins is her first book that links to a devotional series for women called Seeds for Growth.

Please check her book and what others are saying about her book, Hope Wins!
Book Promo at 1080P resolution

Book Reviews (about 3min)

You can find out more about Leisa at

Find the book on Amazon pre-orders are now open.
The first week there is a big discount on the e-book hoping for some Amazon reviews.


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