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121:Meet Tay Tay

In this episode, I interview my grandmother Terri Pursell or as we call her, Ta Ta. She is everyone’s dream grandmother and like me, you will all fall in love with her from her voice to her personality. She is truly a saint because she will do anything for her family.

120:Spreading Our Wings


On this episode, we discuss how pop music can resemble autism. Also, I show my fun side by playing a game with you about pop music. If you drop me an email with any of the clues and the name of the correct song, you will either get a free autism Paracord bracelet or you will get a $5 Starbucks gift card. 

118:Pushed To The Side

On this episode I talk about how often those with autism are excluded from conversations and how it makes us feel. It makes us feel awful and that we are worthless to society. Today I will talk about ways in which those with autism can be a part of conversations without being excluded and how others can work on welcoming everyone to the group.



117:Into Simon Majumdar's Cookhouse

In this episode, we interview Simon Majumdar. Simon has been a judge on Cutthroat Kitchen, Iron Chef America, The Next Iron Chef, and Guy’s Grocery Games and we talk about his judging on those shows. He is a supporter of the autism world because he has played for autism charities. We also talk about his life from England to America.

116:Pit Pass To Armani Williams

On this episode, I interview Armani Williams. Armani Williams is the first openly autistic NASCAR driver and I will talk with him about his goals and his quest in and out of NASCAR. We are working toward the same goals: taking the stigma away from autism and showing that even if someone has autism, they can be successful.

115:Conversation Operation

Join me as we talk about people with autism having conversations.Today, I will talk about how we comprehend what people are saying when they are talking one another or in a group setting. This episode will demonstrate how to enter, stay in, and exit a conversation because this can often be a challenge.

114:Meet Abe Shapiro

On today’s episode, I interview a man named Abe Shapiro. Abe is a passionate leader in and out of his Neurodiversity Coalition at Indiana University. He founded this coalition to push acceptance for all and to show that people on the spectrum should be celebrated, not dismissed.


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