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Interview with Sheila Gregoire, Great Sex Rescue Part 1

Join Stephanie and Dan as they interview co-authors, Sheila Gregoire and Rebecca Lindenbach, of the new book, The Great Sex Rescue. The discussion will start on things taught in Christian media that have been harmful or helpful to Christian couples, and tie in how someone with black and white thinking could certainly misinterpret the information for greater harm to the marriage. This podcast is crucial for ministers and Christian people helpers to know what research and data have to say about the best-selling Christian books that are often used as resources in counseling by ministers or counselors.

About Sheila:
Sheila Wray Gregoire is the face behind, the largest single-blogger marriage blog. A sought-after speaker, she’s also an award-winning author of nine books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex. Sheila has a Master’s in Public Administration and a Master of Arts in Sociology both from Queen’s University. Sheila built the successful blog, To Love, Honor, and Vacuum, with traffic of one million page views a month. Her email list is 45,000 strong and her social media reach is over 100,000. Her podcast, Bare Marriage, has more than 5,000 downloads each week. She is an award-winning author with seven royalty-published books. A sought-after speaker, Sheila has spoken at churches and conferences around the globe. She is a frequent contributor at Family Life Canada events. Her latest book, “The Great Sex Rescue” was featured in the New York Times Book Review, Publishers Weekly, and The Washington Post. She has bylines at Religion News Service, Relevant Magazine, and other news sources. Sheila and her husband Keith, a pediatrician, live in Belleville Ontario. They have two grown daughters and one very adorable grandson who lives down the road. She enjoys hiking, birdwatching, RV camping trips, and board games. And she knits – even in line at the grocery store.

Connecting with People and Pets

Listen in to Kristin as she speaks with Reid Miles who shares his own experiences with Aspergers and ADHD and about his podcast ‘Inside the Aspergers Studio’ also on Mental Health News Radio Network that includes several different segments. Reid talks about how his podcast helps him connect to others and later how pets can help some on the spectrum.

Find his podcast here:

Check out Reid’s website here:

Mind Blindness and Remorse and Repair with Mark Hutten

Join Dr. Holmes as she talks about NeuroDiverse Relationship with counseling psychologist, Mark Hutten, MA. Mark has twenty-plus years of counseling experience and has worked with a broad age range of individuals on the autism spectrum. He offers online parent support and counseling and is the author of the e-book Living with an Asperger Partner. Today’s segment will discuss Remorse & Repair and the Lack Thereof.

149:Meet ”Doctor Light” (David Cubby)

In this episode we interview my new friend Doctor Light (AKA David Cubby). Cubby has a degenerative eye condition that has made him blind since he was a child. Although he cannot see faces, he still has an amazing spirit and is a successful comedian who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. Let’s all listen and enjoy Cubby’s wisdom and you will not help but to laugh at his jokes on this Autism Rocks And Rolls chapter. 

Stories Episode 6: Autism Rocks and Rolls with Sam and Gina Mitchelle

On todays show I talk with a Sam and his mom Gina Mitchelle. Sam is a Aspie Podcaster whose podcasts are all about showing the emotional side of Autism. 

Sam has over 145 episodes of his podcast going strong and has interviewed many interesting people such as Mick Foley from the WWE who is a hall of famer.  I will give him a few tips and I am sure he will give me a few tips.  Not only will I talk with him but his mom as well. 

Let’s find out how he got to be so good at what he does and maybe we can get some guests from him.

So sit back, relax, and grab your favorite beverage be sure to tune in to see what Sam has to say.

Check out Sams page below and tell him Reid sent you.

Stories Episode 10: ASD Life Coach and CEO of Virtuos Tutoring

In todays episode I sit down with Lauren Roesnbaum. We get to know a bit, find out why she started her own compan y and where she see herself in the future.

We talk about where we see the world in five years time, and her motto of “Just Do It.” 
She is a amazing women with a amazing story.

Anyone who has her a life coach is very lucky, because not only is she caring, but very understand and helpful.

Sit back and have yourself a listen to Lauren as she shares a bit of her life with me on Stories.

H.O.P.E. Wins! with Leisa Williams

Join Dr. Holmes as she hosts Converge Autism Radio with special guest, author, mother, speaker, educator, administrator Leisa Williams of Australia. Leisa will share her journey with autism and special needs and how her faith journey was an important part of her journey.

Leisa was born in 1971 and brought up in Queensland, Australia. She lives in Canberra with her husband, her three children and her daughter-in-law. She writes from her heart about her life experiences that have come from the school of hard knocks. Her views are tried and tested from many years of working to overcome adversity in her life as well as being founded on her Christian biblical faith, the wise counsel and support from healthcare professionals, and her educational background, which includes a Master of Education degree.

Her book H.O.P.E. wins is newly released and you can find more about Leisa or her book at her website

Her author’s page on Amazon pre-orders are now open. The first week there is a big discount on the e-book.


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