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Jodi Carlton on the Differences Between AS and NPD

Stephanie and Dan interview ND Couples’ Coach, Jodi Carlton. Part 1 of a 2 part series looks at the differences and cross-over features of AS and NPD. This can be very controversial, but it is important for clinicians and pastors, and spouses to know the differences between NeuroDiversity and Personality Disorders, such as Narcissism.

About Jodi Carlton:
I was licensed as a professional counselor for 20+ years before I transitioned to full-time coaching. In addition to my expertise in autism/Aspergers, I am trauma-informed and certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy as well as hypnosis. I also have extensive experience with anxiety-related challenges and acquired/ traumatic brain injury (ABI/TBI).

You can find out more about Jodi at spectrum

152:Here‘s Your C-Don‘t Define Me By Lonnie Bedwell

 Join me as we talk to Lonnie Bedwell. This guy is one of my closest friends, and he is someone I really respect. The first time I met Mr. Lonnie Bedwell was through my mother, who has been asking him to speak to her classes for several years. Lonnie’s resume includes kayaking the Grand Canyon twice, appearing on the Steve Harvey Show, NBC’s Today Show, Bobby Bones, being covered by local media numerous times, and having several speaking engagements throughout the year. Lonnie hunts, keeps his home and yard, works, has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, teaches kayaking, and has touched the lives of millions of people who have interacted with him or watched from afar as he conquers the world. Lonnie is the father of three adult daughters and has several grandchildren. Did I mention that he is blind? Despite this, he has accomplished much. He lost his vision several years ago in a hunting accident, but he never gave up and never lost his sight. He also served in the Navy, so we certainly appreciate his service. I am sure that when people think of Lonnie Bedwell, they think of the following: motivator, hero, go-getter, hard worker, dancer, and someone who never gives up.

Stories: Happy Brain with Loretta Breuning

Do you or someone you know deal with a addiction and not sure why or how it started or wondered why runners run and what makes a runner high. Well this episode is a very interesting one. I talk wtih Loretta Breuning of the Inner Mammal Institute.

We talk what makes a addition an addiction, we talk about runners high and we talk abit about the brain and we also get to know her her.

So sit back, relax and grab your favorite beverage…

Stories Anxiety and ASD Edition

Are you someone who deals with anxiety or know someone. Well todays show is a interesting one. I talk with Alec Baynes from Anxiously Yours. He is a podcaster who deals with ASD and anxiety and we talk about he deals with that and his ASD at the same time. We learn a lot about him and maybe a little more.

This is going to be a very interested show.

So sit back, realx and grab your favorite beverage.

What Do I Do Now: Middle School Ep. 2

Gina Mitchell, teacher of 8th graders for 17 years and mom to Sam Mitchell, Autism Rocks and Rolls podcaster, talks to Ms. Karen White, a middle school special education teacher for over 25 years. This is the second episode in the trio of “What Do I Do Know: Middle School.” The conversation goes in a different direction because this information pertains to the middle school parent whose child has been diagnosed with autism. Mrs. White talks about what to do if a child is diagnosed late in the game, what questions to ask, how to work as a team, and that help is truly out there in the public education school system.

Does Understanding NeuroDiversity Really Matter?

Grace and Stephanie discuss helping couples to gain a better understanding of who they each are, who their partner is, and how their neurological differences affect their relationship.
Understanding the differences in neurology is crucial for anyone from coaches, ministers to counselors. Additional training and coursework are needed to better understand this couple’s differences.

If you want to learn more about NeuroDiverse Christian Couples from a faith-based perspective please check out
Module 1, an 11-hour course of a several module series is available at:

About Grace:
Grace Myhill, MSW. AANE Director of The Peter M. Friedman Neurodiverse Couples Institute, AANE Director of Couples and Partners Services, and Neurodiverse Couples Coach in private practice.

Grace’s Approach:
Working with neurodiverse couples in which one partner has an Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum Profile is my specialty. I understand the unique strengths and the challenges
that come with these relationships. We cannot change our neurologies, but I can help couples to gain a better understanding of who they each are, who their partner is, and
how their neurological differences affect their relationship.

My approach is to first help couples understand the importance of neurology and what it means to be a neurodiverse couple. This includes getting to know how you and your
partner each think and perceive the world. I help couples identify how their neurological similarities and differences affect the dynamics and interaction of their relationship.

Together we can identify areas for skill-building and problem-solving. There are several ways you can work with me: individually, together with your partner, or in a group. We can meet by phone or video conferencing.

For more information visit my website or email or call me 617-504-3116.

Grace works with various types of relationships and partnerships.

Her website is

You ALL Rock…THANK YOU. xoxo Dr. Denise

THANK YOU! Together WE are changing the way WE think, talk and act about mental health. The 40K downloads happened (just now) the same week three Diva Discussion shows dropped and the press release launched, “Dr. Denise Vision Celebrates Five Years of Service.” Divine timing. NO Coincidences. This landmark did not come with out challenges […] Continue reading…

Diva Discussions:Brooke Stokes AHA Moments into ABUNDANCE and away from addiction

Can you say AHA DIVA MOMENTS?! WE just went NEXT LEVEL with this “part 2” with Brooke Stokes as she shares her hiccups and humilities of embracing her neurostyle on her unique pathway from addiction to ABUNDANCE. WE GEEKED OUT ON: Epigenetics. Adaptive Perfectionism vs. Restrictive Perfectionism. Compulsive behavior. Integrative health. WE talked dating (polyamory, […] Continue reading…


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