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152:Here‘s Your C-Don‘t Define Me By Lonnie Bedwell

 Join me as we talk to Lonnie Bedwell. This guy is one of my closest friends, and he is someone I really respect. The first time I met Mr. Lonnie Bedwell was through my mother, who has been asking him to speak to her classes for several years. Lonnie’s resume includes kayaking the Grand Canyon twice, appearing on the Steve Harvey Show, NBC’s Today Show, Bobby Bones, being covered by local media numerous times, and having several speaking engagements throughout the year. Lonnie hunts, keeps his home and yard, works, has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, teaches kayaking, and has touched the lives of millions of people who have interacted with him or watched from afar as he conquers the world. Lonnie is the father of three adult daughters and has several grandchildren. Did I mention that he is blind? Despite this, he has accomplished much. He lost his vision several years ago in a hunting accident, but he never gave up and never lost his sight. He also served in the Navy, so we certainly appreciate his service. I am sure that when people think of Lonnie Bedwell, they think of the following: motivator, hero, go-getter, hard worker, dancer, and someone who never gives up.

What Do I Do Now: Middle School Ep. 2

Gina Mitchell, teacher of 8th graders for 17 years and mom to Sam Mitchell, Autism Rocks and Rolls podcaster, talks to Ms. Karen White, a middle school special education teacher for over 25 years. This is the second episode in the trio of “What Do I Do Know: Middle School.” The conversation goes in a different direction because this information pertains to the middle school parent whose child has been diagnosed with autism. Mrs. White talks about what to do if a child is diagnosed late in the game, what questions to ask, how to work as a team, and that help is truly out there in the public education school system.

What Do I Do Now: Elementary Ep. 1

Gina Mitchell, teacher of 8th graders for 17 years and mom to Sam Mitchell, Autism Rocks and Rolls podcaster, talks to Ms. Keisha Blais, an elementary special education teacher for 20 years. The educators jump into the topics of, when an elementary school child is diagnosed with autism or other PDD disorders, what should be done now? The conversation turns to steps to take within the school system, who to talk to, what an IEP meeting looks like, and what kinds of questions might be asked.

151:Taking A Trip On The Country Roads

Yee-haw you all! I am back with another music episode. In this one, I play a game where yes, my mystery singer is back. I give you clues as to what song we are singing. I compare country music to autism, and lots of crazy singing is going on. Let’s have fun with this one and learn about autism and country music. 

Mother, Teacher, Advocate: Answering Questions about Autism

Join in and listen to an amazing conversation between Kristin and Gina Mitchell, the mother of Sam Mitchell who is the host of Autism Rocks and Rolls. Kristin and Gina discuss the various differences between raising a child who is on the spectrum, while at the same time appreciating all the wonderful things that come from those same differences. Gina’s history as a teacher has given her an upper hand when dealing with the red tape that comes from having a child on the spectrum at times. At the same time, it’s also allowed her to become Sam’s biggest advocate. Here she shares what she is an expert in…their own personal story.

Gina Mitchell is Sam Mitchell’s mom. Sam Mitchell is the creator and host of the podcast Autism Rocks and Rolls and the CEO of the Non-Profit Autism Rocks and Rolls. Gina has been Sam’s #1 fan well, really since birth, but especially since Sam has spread his wings and shown the world what he’s got. She is currently a teacher of 8th-grade students and has a bachelor’s degree in English/Social Studies Education, a Master’s degree in Education, and a Gifted and Talented Education degree. Gina has been a teacher for 17-years and still is. However, her second job is working at Autism Rocks and Rolls with Sam. Here, she works in marketing, networking, writing, editing, producing, and really, just doing a lot behind the scenes. When Sam’s life mission became helping others, it became hers too. Her favorite pastimes are listening to crime and detective podcasts, music and crazy dancing with her family and students, leisurely swimming, reading books, building Websites, traveling, meeting new people, playing with her dogs, and shopping for bargains.

My Sister is Autistic and I Have Questions!

Join Reid Miles of The Asbergers Studio and his guest Cesi who has a sister on the spectrum. Reid does his best to answer her questions so she can improve their relationship and better understand her sister!

You can hear more of Reid Miles on Inside the Aspergers Studio here:
Reid’s blog is available on his website here:

150:A Beautiful Mess-A Mother‘s Vision By Marie Adell

Get ready to listen to some amazing advice from an Aspie mother, Marie Adell. Marie’s goal is to help others understand autism like her family has done over the years. She is mom to a daughter on the spectrum and has made it to her life goal to be an inspiration and to bring awareness, acceptance and attention to helping aspies become successful. She has not only traveled for educational purposes to places like Ethiopia and Indonesia, but has also worked on other podcasts to spread her knowledge as an autistic mother. 

Connecting with People and Pets

Listen in to Kristin as she speaks with Reid Miles who shares his own experiences with Aspergers and ADHD and about his podcast ‘Inside the Aspergers Studio’ also on Mental Health News Radio Network that includes several different segments. Reid talks about how his podcast helps him connect to others and later how pets can help some on the spectrum.

Find his podcast here:

Check out Reid’s website here:

149:Meet ”Doctor Light” (David Cubby)

In this episode we interview my new friend Doctor Light (AKA David Cubby). Cubby has a degenerative eye condition that has made him blind since he was a child. Although he cannot see faces, he still has an amazing spirit and is a successful comedian who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. Let’s all listen and enjoy Cubby’s wisdom and you will not help but to laugh at his jokes on this Autism Rocks And Rolls chapter. 

H.O.P.E. Wins! with Leisa Williams

Join Dr. Holmes as she hosts Converge Autism Radio with special guest, author, mother, speaker, educator, administrator Leisa Williams of Australia. Leisa will share her journey with autism and special needs and how her faith journey was an important part of her journey.

Leisa was born in 1971 and brought up in Queensland, Australia. She lives in Canberra with her husband, her three children and her daughter-in-law. She writes from her heart about her life experiences that have come from the school of hard knocks. Her views are tried and tested from many years of working to overcome adversity in her life as well as being founded on her Christian biblical faith, the wise counsel and support from healthcare professionals, and her educational background, which includes a Master of Education degree.

Her book H.O.P.E. wins is newly released and you can find more about Leisa or her book at her website

Her author’s page on Amazon pre-orders are now open. The first week there is a big discount on the e-book.


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